Wednesday, June 20, 2007

VIM - minibufexpl

Script: minibufexpl.vim
"MINIBUFEXPLORER Stuff (Enter "\mbe" minus quotes quickly to bring it up)
" Ctrl-PgDown - goto next buffer
" Ctrl-PgUp - goto prev buffer
" \-Backspace-= - toggle minibufexplorer
"let g:miniBufExplMaxSize = 3 "allow up to 3 lines of buffers
let g:miniBufExplModSelTarget=1
"map mbo :MiniBufExplorer
noremap :bn
inoremap :bn
cnoremap :bn
noremap :bp
inoremap :bp
cnoremap :bp
noremap = :TMiniBufExplorer
noremap u :UMiniBufExplorer

set hid "Hide abandoned buffers in order to not loose undo history

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王峻青的博客 said...

3ks for "set hid"

lose, not loose